Summer is here and for tennis players, what better time to invest in a tennis ball machine? Let’s be honest, we all want one and with Lobster Sports, tennis ball machines are no longer only for tennis pro’s and clubs. 

Unique Sports is proud to announce the release of all new Lobster Sports tennis products, including new machines and the all new 10-function wireless remote control system. 

Lobster Sports offer a variety of remote controls that make using the Lobster tennis machines easier than ever, including apps available for iPhone and Android. The new 10-function remote control can be used with both the Elite Two and Elite Three models. 

Our featured Lobster product is the Lobster Elite Freedom, an affordable yet capable tennis machine that provides a perfect partner for playing anywhere, any time. 

At $839, the Lobster Elite Freedom provides features not available from any other tennis ball machine at this price point. 

More on the Elite Freedom Battery: 

The battery in the Elite Freedom will allow for up to 2+ hours of play time on a single battery charge. The battery is rated for 250+ recharges which equates to 3-4 years for the average tennis player, provided they are using proper charging habits. The Elite One model and above all have a larger battery allowing for up to 4 hours of play time.

The Elite Freedom & Elite Liberty models have an 805 amp battery for 2-4 hours. The Elite One model and above have a larger 18-amp battery for 4-8 hours. The rating for play time is based on the machine either being in the “on” position only or when using all functionality. On the Elite Freedom model if you were to turn on the machine and let in run it will run up to 4 hours. When you begin throwing balls, using the random oscillation, increasing the ball speed and ball spin, it will run up to 2 hours.

How long will the battery be able to be recharged and maintain this use time? 

Using the Basic Charger that comes with the Elite Series model machines the time it takes to recharge back to full is 8-12 hours, or less, depending on how depleted the battery was before the recharge process began. For a faster recharge, and protection from over-charging, users may want to consider the Fast Charger or Premium Charger.

Can the battery be replaced by the customer? 

The internal battery on all models can easily be replaced by then customer in 10 minutes or less using only a Phillips screw driver.

The Lobster Elite Freedom batteries are standard, so that if I have to replace the battery in 2-4 years, the battery will be available for purchase. Typically, $50 for 8.5 Amp battery (Elite Freedom/Elite Liberty) and $80 for the 18-amp battery used in the Elite One model and above.

More advanced machines, such as the new Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Limited Edition, allow players to customize drills and program location, spin, speed, feed and more. The Lobster Elite Grand Five also comes with several pre programmed drills to get the best out of anyone, from beginners to pros. 

The Lobster machines are also small and easy to store with hoppers that can be easily removed and inverted to cover the machine. Lightweight and portable, Lobster machines make it easier than ever to use a tennis ball machine. 

Optional accessories, including remote and charger upgrades are available for all Lobster Sports machines and can also be purchased separately. 

If you have questions on any model of the Lobster Sports tennis ball machines, please call one of our product experts at 800-297-0747. We are happy to find the tennis machine that fits your needs and get you on the court as quickly as possible. 

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