What are the differences between the Iron Mike MP-4 and Iron Mike MP-6 Machines?

The Iron Mike MP-4 features all of the same specifications of the MP-6 machine with two added bonuses. The Iron Mike MP-4 comes complete with a built in machine guard for added reinforcement agains baseballs and softballs hit directly at the machine as well as the positive feed control feature for better use with seamed baseballs or softballs. 

Can Iron Mike machines throw slow pitch softball pitches?

Yes, Iron Mike machines can throw slow pitch softball, but will need a slow pitch softball hand and slow pitch softball ball stop that can be selected on the product page. 

Is a cover available for Iron Mike machines? 

Yes, the Iron Mike MP-6 & MP-4 use the same cover and a cover is also available for the MP-5. 

How do Iron Mike machines ship?

Due to the size and weight, Iron Mike machines ship freight with a flat rate shipping fee and lift gate service. The freight company will call to arrange delivery of the product. 

How long do Iron Mike machines typically take to ship? 

Iron Mike machines are built to order and the lead time can change. Typically, Iron Mike machines are shipped in 7-14 business days. 

How far do you recommend placing the machine from the batter?

We recommend the machine be anywhere from 45′ to 55′ from the batter. If the primary user is at a level where they throw from the regulation 60′ 6″, the 55′ distance from the front of the machine to home plate factors in where a pitcher actually releases the ball.  It is OK to be closer than the regulation distance, but you wouldn’t want to be farther than the regulation distance.

Do you recommend a level surface for the machine and batter?

Yes, the machine and batter should be on an even surface. We would recommend a batters box of 4’W x 6’L. This provides extra room for the batter. Also, from the batter’s point of view, you would offset the pad 9″ to the right. This allows you to center the machine on the concrete pad and still have the throwing arm on the centerline of the cage. 

How many baseballs does the hopper hold?

Although the machine can hold 600 baseballs, there is no need to put that many in one machine. The most we would normally recommend is 24 dozen (288 balls). The machine throws 10 pitches a minute, so 24 dozen would let the machine throw almost a full 1/2 hour before it ran out.

Why does the machine require two different hands?

One hand is for Baseball and the other Slow Pitch Softball. The Iron Mike C-82 is the one machine that uses the same hand for baseball and fast pitch softball. The fast pitch softball hand is SKU 762-157 and a baseball hand is SKU 762-043.  

What is the Ball Feed Enhancer?

The positive feed accessory is available and ensures that seamed balls will flow properly. This “ball feed enhancer”  is an additional $50.  

Problems powering on the machine?

Not able to power on the machine? There is a toggle switch under the control box.  Sometimes, that switch will get turned the wrong way and the machine won’t work.  It is the first item to check when you are experiencing issues with the machine. Please call for any machine issues. 

Do Iron Mike machines need to be bolted down? 

No, but Iron Mike machine come with plates that are used to bolt the machine down. No template is needed. Once the machine is in place, the plates are set in to position, the anchor holes are marked and drilled, and then the plates are bolted in place. We do not supply the anchor bolts.

Machine Size:

Iron Mike MP-6 Dimensions: 57″Hx44″Wx59″L Shipping Weight. 610 lbs.

Iron Mike MP-4 Dimensions: 57″Hx44″Wx59″L Shipping Weight. 625 lbs.

Iron Mike MP-5 Dimensions: 56″Hx30″Wx55″L Shipping Weight. 480 lbs. 

Iron Mike C-82 Dimensions: 36″Hx20″Wx36″L Shipping Weight. 175 lbs.

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