Iron Mike Arm-Style Pitching Machines
The Iron Mike series of commercial pitching machines from manufacturer Master Pitching Machine are widely recognized as some of the best arm pitching machines on the market. A favorite for High School, College and Major League Baseball organizations, the Iron Mike machine is perfect for any batting cage setup to achieve maximum reps for players of all ages and skill levels. Iron Mike is THE name in Arm Style Pitching Machines.

The Hopper-fed Iron Mike MP-6 and MP-4 units hold up to 600 baseballs and 400 softballs. That’s 600 baseball and 400 baseballs to hit at any one time compared to 12-18 from a feeder on other popular pitching models.

Maybe the most important and often overlooked advantage of the Iron Mike is the fact that it is an arm-style pitching machine. As often mentioned, hitting is all about timing, and the arm-style pitching machine replicates the motion of a pitchers arm and release of the ball so a batter can also work on his or her timing, an often overlooked fundamental in training. Compared to a wheeled, hand fed machine when a player uses other cues in timing, the arm-style Iron Mike pitching machines are more realistic and better suited for training for game situations.

The Iron Mike Pitching Machines can be easily converted between baseball and softball by changing between the baseball and softball hands. This is a 5-10 minute process that will saves time and money when considering purchasing a machine for both baseball and softball.

Iron Mike Pitching Machines also come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. In our experience, the Iron Mike Pitching Machines are built to last even at the highest level, receiving the most reps. Master Pitch carries all necessary replacement parts to keep the machine in top condition year after year.

What Iron Mike Machine is right for you?

There are a few differences to consider when deciding what Iron Mike Pitching machine is the right fit for you. The Iron Mike MP-4, MP-5 and MP-6 all have the same motor and specs with a few key differences. The Iron Mike MP-5 Model does not feature the ball hopper that of the MP-4 or MP-6. In it’s place, the MP-4 has a mounted ball feeder for up to 36 baseballs and 20 softballs.

Those looking to purchase an Iron Mike for residential use should consider the MP-5 or smaller C-82 machine as a 600 ball hopper is not a necessity.

The only difference between the MP-4 and MP-6 is the MP-4 features an additional built in steel machine guard for additional protection agains any baseballs or softballs hit directly back at the machine. In our experience, the built in machine guard is not considered necessary by most users and the MP-6 is by far our most popular model.

We at Unique Sports understand that the Iron Mike Arm Style Pitching Machines can be a big purchase, but also one of the best. An Arm-Style Pitching machine is an investment in the future of any player professional or recreational and one that will last for years to come.

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