Baseball season ended in spectacular fashion and basketball season is just starting to heat up as College and High School basketball tips off across the country. Thanksgiving typically provides a time to sit back and enjoy some college basketball tournaments to get things started and this year is no different. Temperatures might be dropping in some areas, but now is as good as a time as ever to purchase a basketball system from Unique Sports. 

We have a new selection of Spalding systems available at the best prices you will find anywhere. Spalding products can be seen in championship games at almost any level of play in both mens and women’s basketball. The name Spalding is synonymous with Basketball and they produce some of the best residential and commercial basketball systems on the market today. 

We’ve introduced a new line of Spalding Portable Basketball Systems that might not fit under the tree, but would make an excellent gift for the holidays. Give players a place to play, anywhere, anytime with a recreational system that’s easy to move inside and out. 

Our Spalding Portable systems aren’t all what you might expect from a portable residential system. Spalding’s The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop comes with a GIANT 60’ glass backboard – the first and only 60″ glass portable basketball system on the market! 

The selection of rim & backboard material as well as portability and adjustability on Spalding systems means that you have the options to find the basketball system that fits your needs. A basketball system that will work best for any age and level of play. Spalding residential basketball systems are also backed with a warranty and a guaranteed to provide a high level of play for years. 

We’ve also added a wide variety of high quality Spalding Rims to our selection. Popular with schools and other organizations, Spalding Rims provide a professional level of play and several different mounting patterns if you already have a backboard in place. Don’t buy an entire new basketball system if you don’t have to, we have the parts you need to complete any basketball installation. 

Spalding doesn’t stop with producing some of the best basketball rim and backboard systems. Spalding also manufactures training products and facility equipment needed to get the best out of every players. 

From secure ball racks to rebounders, Spalding has you covered. Products like the Spalding McCall’s Rebounder are known as some of the best training products in the industry and are proven to sharpen some of the more overlooked skills such as rebounding. 

Take a shot and save this year on Spalding products from Unique Sports. Visit our site to find additonal information on backboard size, backboard material, pole, adjustability and other basketball system attributes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our basketball system specialists at 800-297-0747 or send us an email today!

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