As most people know, JUGS Sports started out with it’s revolutionary JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine in the early 70’s and has since created some of the best training aids for a variety of sports including Baseball, Softball, Football and Soccer! 

It’s not uncommon to be watching a professional Baseball or Football game and hear the commentators talk about the players working with JUGS machines. JUGS produce training machines for all levels of play and continue to release new and improve models every year. 

Unique Sports is proud to have recently introduced the newest JUGS products to our selection. 

The new low cost, and high quality JUGS Batting Cage Netting is sure to be a hit with baseball and softball coaches. JUGS Batting Cage Nets now come in Polyethylene with breaking strengths of #27, #42 and #60 as well as a commercial-grade Polyester #96 breaking strength Cage Net. 

The Polyethylene is a great choice for Backyards, Youth Leagues, High School and College levels. The commercial grade Polyester is terrific for Colleges, high-use hitting facilities and professional teams. JUGS Polyester nets are also great for both indoor and outdoor use! 

JUGS cage nets also include a hitters door, FREE backdrop and pitcher’s trainer and a two-year warranty. The heavy-duty polypropylene rope boarders are featured on the top, bottom and corners. The knotted netting is superior for direct impact seen during baseball and softball due to high strength and durability and the black core ensures no surface coat wearing away. The special UV formula prevents nets from becoming brittle in the sun and the twisted strands have a high abrasion resistance due to less surface than braided. Balls simply spin off of the surface. 

Be sure to also check out the new JUGS Short T. The JUGS Short T adjust to demonstrate different types of pitches in different areas of the strike zone. A perfect tee for youth league players and can be used in T-ball games! 

The JUGS Short T is also featured in several of our new JUGS packages. Save money buy purchasing all of the JUGS products you need in one terrific package. 

If you have questions on any of our JUGS products or would like to place an order, please feel free to contact one of our JUGS product specialists at 800-297-0747. JUGS continues to be the #1 brand for baseball and softball training aids and we hope to provide JUGS products for years to come! 

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