JUGS Sports, the #1 selling pitching machine company in the world, is introducing an exciting new line of products for August. The next generation of JUGS Pitching Machines will include the new Changeup Baseball & Super Softball. According to JUGS, a national survey determined that 96% of all Softball coaches and 94.8% of all baseball coaches demanded a changeup machine. Already endorsed by some of the games best including 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist Michele Smith, the JUGS Changeup Super Softball is the official machine of ASA and USA Softball teams. The JUGS Changeup Baseball is also endorsed by Major League Baseball players and creates a far more efficient practice.

The Changeup will include a new accurate release point (low for softball and a higher downward plane for baseball), a speed range of 44 mph to 70 mph and adjustable pitches with the new changeup feature, that allow hitters to work on timing, similar to game situations. The hitter will no longer know what pitch and speed will be coming from the machine and have to recognize and adjust to the difference.

The JUGS Changeup Baseball & Super Softball Machines are also great for infield and outfield practice with fly balls, pop ups and ground balls. The machine can be set for deep fly balls and with one push of a button on the hand-held remote, the same fly ball will now cover half the distance for accurate outfield work with balls hit in the air.

With the addition of the the Changeup, batting practice will no longer be automatic for hitters with the same pitch and speed one after another. No longer will pitching machines create one-dimensional hitters. The impact of timing and unpredictability was often an overlooked feature that is now made possible by JUGS.

The new machines are not the only addition to JUGS industry leading lineup of baseball and softball training aids. The Backyard Bullpen and Radar Cube are just a few of the new products guaranteed to be effective AND fun tools for years to come.

If you have any questions on the new JUGS products, feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our product specialists.

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