Who can I call if I’m having problems with my Gamma Stringing Machine?

Gamma Sports employs a full-time machine technician to help you with any mechanical questions you may have. Give Gamma a call and they will be able to answer your technical questions 800.333.0337.

Where can I find my favorite tennis grip?

Unique Sports only sells tennis grips in bulk. Please feel free to email us with the grip you are interested in as well as the quantity for a quote with our very best price! 

What is the Frequent Stringer Program?

Where can I find information on this program? On the back of every pack of Gamma String is a point value, based on the value of the string. If you collect these points and mail them into Gamma you will be eligible to receive one of our exciting prizes. Please click the link on the right side of the page for a downloadable version of the program details.

What Professional Players play with Gamma String?

WTA pro player Vera Zvonareva plays with Gamma Zo Sweet. Jessica Kirkland, a young WTA player is currently playing with Gamma Prodigy, a new string in our TNT Family.

Why is there a warning on the back of Gamma Swing Weights and Gamma Lead Tape?

The state of California requires that all products containing lead carry this warning on the packaging or they cannot be sold legally in the state. The warning requirement was implemented after paint contained lead was ingested by children. Gamma lead tape is in no way any different from any other lead tape or lead product sold to consumers. It is perfectly safe. You will suffer no ill effects as long as you don’t eat it.

How do I clean my stringing machine?

Use rubbing alcohol to clean everything. Oil may be used on all surfaces EXCEPT where the string may come in contact with the machine and the disc brake on the spring tensioners.

Do you have defective tennis balls you can donate for use on the bottom of chair legs?

We do not warehouse defective tennis balls. The best way to get tennis balls is to contact your local tennis club at the end of the season when they get rid of their teaching cart balls. If you don’t have a tennis club near you, try eBay. Many clubs will auction used balls inexpensively.

I got Zorbicon Gel from my Shockbuster on my clothing, how do I clean it?

Use an over-the-counter citrus based cleaner to remove Zorbicon Gel from clothing. Follow instructions provided by citrus cleaner manufacturer. Do not place clothing in the dryer until stain is completely removed.

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