How?  Eat real food, not just real food but select real foods, follow these rules
  • If it is fresh and green, eat it!
  • If it had a face, eat it!
  • If it was made in a factory, put it down!

Green (purple, red, orange, yellow, white, too!)

Leafy greens, root vegetables, peppers, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, squash and so much more.  Explore your local markets for what the farmers are growing and selling this is the stuff to eat.  These foods provide dense and complex carbohydrates that release slowly into your system giving you energy over time as well as providing your muscles and hormones the vitamins and minerals they need to be efficient and healthy.  Start today eating what intrigues you, add variety into your diet each week and before you know it you will be feeling great and your competition will wonder what hit them and your goals will need to be set higher

If it has a face, eat it!

Let’s be real for a moment, don’t eat it if it ate itself or its droppings, avoid confined raised meats.  Find your meats from pasture raised or grass fed sources or the wild.  Long ago the 31 cause of death was infant mortality, it wasn’t heart disease, it wasn’t cancer, it wasn’t strokes and aneurisms. If you made it to an age where you could hunt and gather with reasonable efficiency you were likely to live well past your 70th birthday. 

Why?  The food you ate raised itself with its own instincts and ate right, off the land if you will.  This built amazing stores of vital and great for you, amino acids, there is growing tide of evidence that getting back to this way of eating will defeat many of our modern diseases.  Food is the best prescription drug you have, take it now, so you don’t have to later, you don’t want to live through what it’s like to have to do it later.

As an immediate benefit you will have less recovery time, and less inflammation between games and training sessions.  Your strength will build more rapidly.

Eat meat that is happy!  Grown by someone who Cares!  Without Hormones! An animal that has seen the sun, Eaten a bug, Stepped on Grass!  It is good for you!

In a nutshell eat food grown by people who care.  Avoid items grown by commercial agriculture, processed foods, and confined animals.

Eat well, feel better, food is the best drug for your body and its performance.  Experiment by making small changes today, incorporate these principles into your lifestyle and you will function at a higher playing level than everyone else who is crushing sports and energy drinks to fuel their performance.

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