Should I purchase an “adjustable” or “fixed-height” basketball system?

If the basketball system will be used by younger players varying in age, an “adjustable” unit is a must. Only an adjustable goal system will adequately accommodate a variety of age groups. An adjustable goal system may also be desired by players who enjoy lowering the basket to dunk. If various goal height adjustments are not necessary, a “fixed-height” goal is the best choice. Most often this is the case when players are old enough to compete strictly at the regulation 10′ goal height. However, many of our “fixed-height” systems can be bolted together at heights lower than 10′ if required.

What kind of backboard should I select?

First Team offers a broad selection of backboards with each pole system. Backboards are available in tempered glass, clear acrylic, steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Tempered glass is used for all competition boards like those found in high schools, colleges and professional arenas across the country. Our Response™ tempered glass provides the best ball rebound off the board. Acrylic backboards provide the look of glass at a more economical price level. Steel boards are vandal resistant. Aluminum and fiberglass backboards have an extra measure of rust resistance. Fiberglass also provides “glass-like” ball rebound, however, for authentic gymnasium ball response, no backboard compares to tempered glass.

What effect does weather have on my backboard?

Almost none. All First Team backboards are designed to be weatherproof and carry full warranty even under the most extreme weather conditions.

Is any one backboard more durable than others?

Because all First Team pole systems incorporate our unique “direct mount” backboard support design, no matter what backboard you choose, it is virtually impossible to crack or break the backboard when it is mounted to a First Team pole system.

Is there a way to lock my adjustable basketball goal?

All First Team EZ-Crank goals can be locked into position by using our optional handle lock.

Can I relocate the unit if I move from my home?

Yes. All First Team EZ-Crank goals come with a built-in anchor system that allows easy pole removal if you need to relocate the unit. All other units require our optional ground sleeve to make the post removable. (Sleeves are available for square posts only)

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