First Team Inc. manufactures a variety of high quality sporting goods including Soccer, Volleyball, Football and Lacrosse equipment, but are known for making some of the best Basketball Systems available. Located right here in the Midwest, First Team, manufacture all of their products in Hutchinson, Kansas with top quality materials. 

First Team started with the manufacturing of Indoor & Outdoor Basketball Systems and equipment in 1996 and built a reputation on quality and playability of every system. Selection is unbeatable with types of systems outlined below:

In-Ground Adjustable Basketball Systems:

First Team In-Ground adjustable Basketball Systems are some of the most popular home systems with a focus on durability and stability. In ground adjustable basketball hoops from First Team come in a variety of different options for backboard size and material so you can count on the perfect system to fit your needs. 

First Team product hoops with not only exceptional performance but also look great for residential use. Direct bury posts, bolt down removable or ground sleeves provide options for installing the system and allow you to relocate it if you decide to move to a new location. First Team systems last a lifetime so make sure you have a completely customized system when it comes to an In-Ground Residential Basketball System. 

In-Ground Fixed Height Basketball Systems

Kids often enjoy playing on a lower height system, but it’s not always the best for practice. The First Team In-Ground Fixed Height Basketball Systems are ideal for keeping a regulation 10’ height at all times and preventing dunking and possible vandalism. 

The First Team in ground fixed height basketball systems guarantee stability when it comes to serious play and are extremely safe as they are virtually indestructible. If dunking at 10’ is still in play and players hang off the rim, you can be sure the First Team Systems will provide a sense of security with the solid consruction. They are 100% designed for play of all types including dunking and intense competition, including stability outside in the elements. Stay safe and ensure the very best performance on a budget with a First Team In-Ground Fixed Height Basketball System.

Portable Basketball Systems:

The Firs Team Portable basketball hoops are perfect for residential or commercial use when cost and of course, portability, is a factor. First Team Portable Systems are easy to use and ensure quality but are also easy to store if space is an issue.  

Excellent for a residential or commercial environment if installing a permanent goal is simply not an option or if there is a budget. First Team has a huge selection of Portable Basketball Systems as well to fit the needs for schools, churches, gyms, recreational facilities and a home court. Portable Systems are customizable with different backboard sizes and appearance, so get the system that plays AND looks the way you want. 

Wall Mount Basketball Goals:

Once again, First Team provides a system that is perfect for both a gymnasium and commercial use or right at home on your personal court. The First Team Wall Mount Basketball Goals are professional grade for action packed play and performance. Best of all, First Team Wall Mount Systems will not take up any extra space by eliminating the pole and base. 

Unique Sports knows that you have unique needs and a First Team Wall Mount Basketball System offers the versatility you need for indoor and outdoor installation in a gym at schools, on the side of a recreational facility or at home on the garage. Wall Mount systems can create a variety of different courts and are sure to provide long lasting performance and durability with a lifetime warranty. 

Roof Mount Basketball Goals:

First Team Roof Mount Basketball Goals provide a solution to that specific need for the right system and the right installation. Once again, no place for a pole or base? No problem. First Team Roof Mount Basketball Goals can actually mount to any “roof pitch or vertical wall surface”!

First Team Roof Mount Basketball Systems also are not limited like a lot of other options. The RoofMaster provides adjustability and several rim & backboard combinations that allow our customers to choose the system that’s perfect for every individuals needs or budget. Also, that Lifetime Limited Warranty provides peace of mind when adding an expensive piece of equipment to your home. 

Swimming Pool Basketball Goals

What is more fun than swimming pool basketball? We don’t have the answer, but don;t buy a low quality system that will surely get destroyed. First Team Swimming Pool Basketball Goals provide the same quality goal as any other First Team Basketball System. Specifically designed to install on the water without rusting or deteriorating over time. No need to be on land to shoot hoops on a hot day.

The action packed poolside basketball goals are a blast for parks, schools or residential swimming pools. First Team will exceed your expectations when it comes to swimming pool basketball when it comes to quality and fun!

First Team also offer a variety of basketball accessories including backboard padding, pole padding, rims and backboards as well as scoring equipment, nets and training aids. For Basketball systems, look no further than First Team. Please feel free to browse our selection of quality First Team Basketball Systems and contact one of our basketball system specialists with any questions. We at Unique Sports are more than happy to help you find the First Team basketball system that will fit your needs and last a lifetime!

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