Champro Attack Angle Tee

     I was a pitcher back in my college days and my son currently pitches in college, so it is rare I get excited about a hitting aid. However, I feel the Champro Attack Angle Batting Tee is a revolutionary training aid that was developed based upon the latest hitting approach. I had never heard of “launch angle” untilmy son’s freshman year and the team’s designated hitter was talking about his launch angle. Now over the past four years that is all the talk in professional baseball.

       Launch angle represents the vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player’s bat after being hit. Average launch angle is calculated by dividing the sum of all launch angles by all batted ball occurrences. That is a real fancy way of saying the angle of your swing and what the trajectory of the ball will be based upon that angle. As a guideline here are launch angles for four different types of contact:

  • Ground ball: Less than 10 degrees
  • Line drive: 10-25 degrees
  • Fly ball: 25-50 degrees
  • Pop up: greater than 50 degrees

There are two different types of hitters, there are the contact or line drive hitters (usually faster players) and there are the power hitters (usually the stronger players). They say the “sweet spot” for a launch angle for a line drive hitter is 20 degrees and the sweet spot for a power hitter is 35 degrees. Now a player with speed will want to utilize that speed and hit the ball on a line or on the ground. Typically, the faster guys are not the bigger guys with power, so they do not want to use a higher launch angle as a lot of times they are fly outs. The power hitters are typically the stronger guys and a lot of times do not run as fast, so they will want to try to drive the ball over the outfielder’s head or in the gap so they can
hit the ball out of the park or to the fence to get extra bases. Then you have the players that have both power and speed, and you get someone like Mike Trout, who currently has a $426.5 million dollar contract!

     The Champro Attack Angle Hitting Tee is designed to teach hitters the appropriate bat to ball angle based upon what type of hitter they are. It has a simple design, however, has a revolutionary concept! It is difficult to explain without a visual how it works, so take a minute and watch the YouTube video
produced by Champro. The best part is that it is very affordable and can be used in the backyard or garage with a hitting net. It provides instant feedback, so your hitter is on their way to improving their game!

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