Go big in 2017 with the most versatile batting cage on the market for High Schools, College and professional organizations, the Batco Foldable Batting Cage.

Batco batting cages can be used both for an indoor facility/gymnasium or outdoors on the practice or game field. At Unique Sports, we ship both the indoor feet made of rubber stoppers (designed not to leave marks on the gym floor) as well as the outdoor feet, metal plates, designed specifically for installation outside. The feet on batch cages are simple to switch on and off making it versatile for all seasons. We provide the Batco cage designed to meet your needs both inside and out and you pick where you want to use it! The Indoor Batco Batting Cage does not require any ugly cables to be run from wall to wall and folds for easy storage when space is needed for other sports. The Outdoor Batco Batting Cage is durable and can withstand the elements, including winter, but can also be uninstalled and moved indoors. No cables to run indoors and no frame to build outdoors!

The quality of Batco Batting Cages is undeniable, featuring a #42 Braided nylon net – the strongest available. The Batco Batting Cage is also designed with the user in mind and features convenient details such as a zippered opening for easy accessibility. At 25% to 50% wider than most standard cages, Batco make the most comfortable cage for hitters and can be used to create multiple hitting stations. One of the most common questions we’ve encountered is can we provide custom sizes for the Batco Batting Cages and the answer is YES. Custom sizes are available and if you are interested in a different width oe length than the dimensions listed you can email (customercare@epicclick.com) or call 800-297-0747 to request a quote. 

The options available for size, durability and ease of use both indoors and out make Batco a terrific option for coaches at any age group. The accordian style folding feature makes Batco truly unique for a batting cage and can be easily set up by 1-2 people placed at every arch, a total of 8-10 people. 

At Unique Sports, we make ordering a Batco cage easy, but we understand it is no small purchase and you’re going to want to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. Please feel free to call and place your order with one of our customer service representatives to make sure the size and style fits your every need. 

Batco Batting Cage Additional Information:

Warranty: 2 Year

72′ Batting Cage – 72′ L x 18′ W x 12′ H – Arcs: 5

54′ Batting Cage – 54′ L x 18′ W x 12′ H – Arcs: 4

Shipping specification for the 72ft BATCO

 1–Pallets–Batting Cage 32x32x36 = 375 lbs         2–Bundles–Batting Cage 113x4x5 =125 lbs

 2 –Bundles –Batting Cage 108x4x4 =100 lb        Total Ship WT= 600 lbs

Shipping specification for the 54ft BATCO

1– Pallets–Batting Cage 32x32x36 = 315 lbs           2 –Bundles–Batting Cage 94x4x4 = 84 lbs

 2 –Bundles –Batting Cage 108x4x4 =100 lbs        Total Ship WT= 499lbs


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