5 Unique Tee Drills that will improve your game

Just got a tee and are looking to improve for the upcoming season? Here are 5 fun and unique drills that will help you become a better hitter.

  1. Stationary Tee Drill: Place the ball on the tee and hit it as hard as you can without any stride or weight transfer. This drill helps you focus on your swing mechanics and hitting the ball squarely.

  2. Inside/Outside Tee Drill: Set up the tee so the ball is on the inside or outside corner of the plate, and hit the ball in the opposite direction. This drill helps you improve your ability to hit the ball to all fields.

  3. High/Low Tee Drill: Set the tee up at different heights and practice hitting the ball at different points in the strike zone. This drill helps you improve your ability to adjust to different pitch heights.

  4. One-Handed Tee Drill: With one hand, hit the ball off the tee, focusing on keeping your top hand close to your body and finishing with your bottom hand. This drill helps improve your hand-eye coordination and helps you develop a more compact swing.

  5. Backspin Tee Drill: Set the tee so that the ball is slightly behind the front of the plate. Hit the ball with a slight uppercut, creating backspin. This drill helps improve your ability to hit fly balls and line drives with backspin, which can increase your chances of getting extra base hits.

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