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Straight Shooter Baseball & Softball Launcher

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This patented manually operated and cost-effective device used to consistently launch balls at different trajectories to train baseball and softball players through repetition with quality. This device is constructed of metal tubing (No Plastic!) and is powder coated and hinged to allow folding in half or full breakdown for easy transport or storage. The hinge mechanism is constructed of steel for durability and held in the throwing position (upright) via a pin. The throwing mechanism can easily be removed via wing nuts and can be replaced when worn out by ordering just that part.

The operator can sit or kneel behind the machine, then places a ball in the pouch and with two hands, simultaneously pulls the pouch to the rear via a handle and then lets go. Based on the amount of force when pulled back and the angle of release , the operator can control distance as well as angle of the ball launched. This training aid allows for coaches to work in the field with their players as anyone can operate this machine. 

  • Comes With carrying Bag
  • Launches Regulation Baseballs up to 400 ft. and Softballs 275 ft. (No Special Balls Needed)
  • Sku: SS-1