Pro Power Drive Hitting Braces By Pro Power Drive Systems

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Size: Adult
Style: Left
SKU: PD-200-YL
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The Pro Power Drive Systems Power Drive Hitting Brace is One-of-a-Kind.  It is the Only Best “Hands In” Training Aid.

By using the Pro Power Drive Hitting Brace it Won’t let your hitter throw their hands out and around the ball , so they can focus on other areas of their hitting while using it.

By eliminating your hands from getting long and going around the ball and  keeping them going through the Proper “A to B” slot this will generate Quicker and  Stronger hands that results in Faster Bat Speed which means Further distance on the ball.

**When placing an order, select the type of hitter the brace will be used for. (Example...Adult Right Handed Hitter would select Adult for the size and Right for the style.)

Features of the Hitting Brace

  • Sizes/Styles Available: Adult Left, Adult Right, Youth Left, or Youth Right

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