Pitch Pro Model 796

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The 796 is a very popular full-size mound with a wider surface area.

Ages 9-14: The 796 is a popular full-size mound capable of holding bigger youth pitchers with a longer stride—plenty of room for pick-off moves. The mound is 9' L x 7' W x 6" H and weighs 225 pounds. Its very sturdy, and the turf is UV treated, so this mound is going to last for years!

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The Pitch Pro Model 796 Portable Fiberglass Mound

The 796 is a game-changer for sports facilities and baseball programs. Fabricated from robust, weather-resistant fiberglass, this mound is notable for its durability and portability.

Design-wise, the Pitch Pro Model 796 displays a perfect blend of ergonomics and sophistication, engineered to allow pitchers to experience an almost natural pitching feel. The mound, at 8 inches high, 101 inches long, and 78 inches wide, mirrors the dimensions of a real game mound, allowing pitchers to practice exactly the same as when they play.

The unmatched durability of the fiberglass design promises longevity despite rigorous use and varying weather conditions. Transporting the mound is also a breeze with its inbuilt handles, enhancing your facility's flexibility and adaptability.

The player-centric design incorporates a full-length, non-slip, non-marking rubber wear pad. This ensures player stability during games, improving performance and minimizing injury risks.


  • Robust Construction: Constructed from sturdy fiberglass for long-lasting durability. The fiberglass material is resistant to regular wear and tear, ensuring the mound maintains its quality even with frequent use.  The mound is resistant to varying weather conditions, allowing for use anytime, anywhere.
  • Player-Centric Design: 8-inch height with dimensions of 101 inches in length and 78 inches in width to mimic a game mound. The astroturf surface adds an authentic feel to the pitching experience and a full-length, non-slip, non-marking rubber wear pad is included to ensure player stability during the game and minimize injury. 
  • Portable and Versatile: Despite its size, the mound is light and easily portable, ensuring seamless movement across different playing areas. Inbuilt handles facilitate easy transportation, making it a great fit for different fields and storage areas. Suitable for both game and practice settings, serving the needs of players at all levels. The Pitch Pro Model 796 requires minimal upkeep, saving you time and resources in the long run.

The Pitch Pro Model 796 Portable Fiberglass Mound is an innovative solution for any sports facility or baseball enthusiast. It encapsulates superior design, functionality, and durability, making it an excellent investment for anyone serious about the game.

Pitch Pro® portable mounds and platforms are designed with the aid of a Major League Baseball head groundskeeper for batting practice and outdoor bullpen / indoor facility pitching uses and are currently utilized in 12 Major League stadiums.

Features of the Pitch Pro Model 796

  • 7’ wide X 9’ long X 6” high
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Designed for players aged 9-14
  • Unique gel coat-down design is weather and UV resistant
  • Weight, size, and nesting characteristics are optimized for portability and storage
  • Launch Pad
  • FIVE-YEAR (5) warranty on mound core!

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