Pitch Pro Model 516

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The Pitch Pro Model 516 is a portable bull pen platform built with both coaches and pitchers in mind

The platform is 54” wide, allowing the pitcher to cut loose without worrying where his trail leg lands. Pitch Pro made sure when designing this mound that even the longest strides can’t reach the end of the mound. At only 140 LBS and comes standard with turf tires, the mound can be easily moved by one person.

*All Pitch Pro portable pitching mounds are designed for indoor and outdoor use.*

**Pitch Pro Pitching Mounds are experiencing shipping delays of 4-5 weeks before shipping. (Flat Rate Shipping Not Valid) Our apologies for the delay.**

Features of the Pitch Pro Model 516

  • 54”wide by 110’ long by 10” high – 140 LBS
  • 18" behind pitching rubber for pitching out of the windup
  • Versatile - can be used for bullpens and batting practice
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Good for all ages
  • Turf Tires to prevent rutting of playing field
  • Comes in white, royal blue and forest green (custom colors and decals for additional fee)
  • Air Flow venting on all 4 sides – prevent grass from wilting, reduces weight without sacrificing stability
  • FIVE YEAR (5) warranty on platform core!

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