Park & Sun Tri-Ball

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It goes without saying that playing 6 on 6 volleyball with one team of 6 is impossible (or at least really boring).  We would all agree that playing with two teams of 6 (12 players if you don't have a calculator) is how the sport was "intended to be played" and can provide hours of fun for all...but for Park and Sun, that just wasn't good enough.  One night (we can only assume it was night, because all the truly crazy ideas come at night), someone said "why not three teams?"... and Tri Ball was born.Adding two more nets, and allowing a third team into the action resulted in one of the most unique, challenging, and crazy team games ever invented.The Park & Sun Tri-Ball Recreational 3-Way Volleyball Set allows a 1/3 more players into the game, which adds more strategy and fun to this recreational volleyball(-ish) game. No more waiting to be "rotated in", just divide the party into three teams and go. A truly unique way to play. Think about how much fun this could be. An entirely new way to think about the game. Up to 18 players all in on the action at the same time. You never know if the ball is coming your way, so be prepared. Set the ball up in the corner and get blockers from all three teams going up at the same time. If you get scored on, don't worry...just "tri" again.Have something new set up at the next backyard party... give your friends something to talk about, and something they have likely never seen before.This set from Park & Sun includes everything you need to get a 3-way volleyball game going. All of the equipment fits neatly into the carrying bag - convenient when you're on the go!

  • 3-piece telescopic poles

  • 3-way multicolor net

  • Tension rings

  • Ground stakes

  • Playing instructions

  • Zippered carrying bag

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