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The 'Quarterback' Football Practice Machine By First Pitch

The First Pitch Quarterback is a high-quality, high-performance piece of equipment, and hundreds of dollars less than comparable machines!

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The First Pitch Quarterback provides numerous opportunities for your team's training routine. It Throws great spirals time after time and simulates kickoffs and punts. The Quarterback football machine is durable for home or league use.

This football practice machine is manufactured and built in the USA. High-quality all-metal construction with powder-coated finish. Infinitely variable distance adjustments. Just set the dial – anywhere from 20 to 80 yards – and everything in-between!
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The FirstPitch Quarterback Machine

The sun is setting and the stadium lights have come on, illuminating the field in a bright orange glow. You are staring at the lumbering 280-pound monster across from you, ready to crush you as soon as the ball is snapped. Silence descends as the crowd waits in anticipation for the play to begin.

Snap! You take off, zig-zagging around the behemoth before he can nail you. You hit your spot and angle to the right, cutting across the near-empty field. You look up and see the football hanging in the air, haloed by the bright lights. Before you can take your next breath, it falls perfectly into your hands, and the crowd lets out a relieved sigh. In the next fifteen yards, that sigh is turned into a raging cheer as you pass into the end zone. Victory!

And without the hundreds of flawless balls passed by the FirstPitch Quarterback passing machine, you wouldn't have been able to do it.

Features Of The First Pitch Quarterback

  • Kicks footballs & throws spirals accurately from 20 to 80 yards!
  • Swivels back and forth to cover the whole field.
  • Adjustable height allows for more drills.
  • Set low to the ground and practice punt snaps!
  • Runs off 120 Volt power or a 1500 Watt generator.
  • 1/3 HP motor – 2 of them! (The competitors can’t say that.)
  • 2 different slides – one for spirals and one for kickoffs.
  • A great tool for high school, middle school, and college football coaches.
  • Fits both “Official” and “Youth” size footballs.
  • Made in the USA