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Champro Infield Screens

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Infield Style Screens serve many different purposes. They can be used to protect various fielders during infield drills, they can be used as a make shift L screen if one doesn't exist, and can be used as a backstop. The Champro Infield Screens come in two sizes, 7 foot by 7 foot and 10 foot by 10 foot.

As you get into older ages and are using all of the field at one time for multiple drills, an infield screen is a must have to protect players. If there are not infield screens in place, the risk of a stray ball hitting another player increases significantly. No one wants to lose a player to injury from that! Plus these can double as a portable backstop if needed.

Screen Features
  • 10' x 10' and 7'x7' screen can be used during drills or as a portable backstop
  • Durable 1.5", 18 gauge steel tube frame
  • 45-ply, envelope style P.E. net
  • Easy pushpin assembly
  • Not intended for use in a batting cage
  • Sku: NB175
    Vendor: Champro