Champro 3-In-1 Soccer Training Goal

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This Champro 3-in-1 trainer is a triple threat. It serves as a soccer goal, a rebounder, and a target trainer!

The unique design of this multi-purpose training tool easily adjusts from 45 to 90 degrees for a variety of ball return options. The powder-coated steel frame has pushpin connections for quick and easy setup and takedown and is outfitted with an orange, all-weather PE rebound and goal net. When it is time to work on spot training, the black mesh target trainer is easily added in no time. With this 3-in-1 trainer, your workout will be three times as effective!
About The 3-In-1 Soccer Goal Trainer

3-In-1 Soccer Goal Trainer By Champro Sports

Attention coaches and athletic directors overseeing soccer programs at the high school or collegiate levels: Meet the Champro 3-in-1 Soccer Goal Trainer, a versatile training tool designed to elevate your team's skillset while maximizing the efficiency of your practice sessions.

The Champro 3-in-1 Trainer is not just a soccer goal; it's a triple-threat training asset. This ingeniously designed piece of equipment serves three essential functions—it can be used as a traditional soccer goal, a rebounder for skill development, and a target trainer for precision training. What sets this 3-in-1 trainer apart is its unique, adjustable design. The angle of the frame can easily be modified from 45 to 90 degrees, offering you a wide range of ball return options. This flexibility allows coaches and players to work on various types of drills—from simple goal shots to complex rebounds and targeted strikes—without the need to change or reset equipment.

Durability is crucial when investing in athletic equipment, and this 3-in-1 trainer delivers on that front. Its frame is made from powder-coated steel, which not only ensures longevity but also offers the kind of robustness that stands up to the rigors of intense training sessions. The pushpin connections on the frame further facilitate quick and hassle-free assembly or disassembly, making it ideal for coaches who need to make the most of their practice time.

The orange PE rebound and goal net are crafted from all-weather materials, ensuring reliable performance regardless of the conditions. Whether it's a sunny day or a wet, rainy afternoon, this goal trainer is equipped to handle it all, providing consistent and reliable training opportunities. For those sessions focused on accuracy and spot training, the black mesh target trainer can be easily added to the frame. This feature is perfect for honing shooting accuracy, from free kicks to corner shots, enabling players to up their game in crucial match-deciding moments.

For added stability, especially on uneven or soft grounds, the trainer includes ground stakes. This ensures that your equipment stays firmly in place during even the most rigorous training sessions. In summary, the Champro 3-in-1 Soccer Goal Trainer offers a winning combination of versatility, durability, and functionality. With its multiple training options, quick setup, and robust construction, this trainer is an invaluable asset for any soccer program committed to developing well-rounded athletes and achieving on-field success.


Features of the Champro 3-In-1 Soccer Goal Trainer

  • 3-in-1 soccer goal, rebounder, and target trainer
  • Unique design easily adjusts from 45 to 90 degrees for a variety of ball return options
  • Poweder-coated steel frame with pushpin connections
  • Orange, all-weather PE rebound and goal net
  • Black mesh target trainer
  • Includes ground stakes

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