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The 'Strike Counter" Radar Pitching Trainer By Bownet

The Bownet Strike Counter combines a pitching target with a sonic radar ball speed indicator and a virtual umpire for the ultimate pitching experience.

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Keep track of pitching statistics with the Strike Counter radar pitching training tool. Whether you play Little-League or Pro, baseball or fastpitch softball, the Radar Pitching Trainer is your perfect pitching solution.
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The Bownet Strike Counter

It measures baseball or fastpitch softball speed in a range between 20 and 95mph. The pitch speed is calculated from the pitcher's release point and it can be set up at intervals of 45', 50', or 60' pitching distances. It is wireless so you can take it with you anywhere and you will get 40 to 60 hours of practice on 6 AA batteries!

Trainer Includes
  • Radar Pitching Trainer with Stand
  • Net Or Net And Screen (depending on which option you choose)
  • Target Pad
  • Roller Case

Features of the Bownet Strike Counter Radar Pitching Trainer

  • Calculates ball speed from 20 to 95mph (baseball or fastpitch softball).
  • Ball speed is calculated from the pitcher's release point.
  • Radar can be set for 45', 50', or 60' 6" pitching distances.
  • Patented sonic radar technology for +1 mph or -1 mph accuracy pitch speed measurement that rivals the most expensive radar guns.
  • Large electronic displays can be easily read from 60 feet in direct sunlight.
  • Long battery life: 40 to 60 hours on 6 alkaline AA batteries(no power cords).
  • Durable heavy-duty pitching target and strike zone.