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What are “Simulated Speeds” for a Pitching Machine?

What are “Simulated Speeds” for a Pitching Machine?
The simulated speed of a pitching machine most often refers to the reaction time of a pitch at a given distance from the mound to home plate compared to the reaction time of a pitch the regulation distance (High School, College and Pro). 

In other words, the speed of the pitch does not change, but the distance of the machine from the batter can make a 60 mph pitch at 40 ft feel like a 90 mph pitch from 60.5 ft. 

This is a question we receive frequently from customers looking to purchase a pitching machine with limited space to operate or machines with lower top speed than needed.

Simulated speed is also important to consider when comparing pitching at different levels of play. 

Little League Distance – 46’

Regulation Distance (High School, College, MBL) – 60.5’

Comparing Ball Speeds from Little League 46′ to Regulation 60.5′
Speed     Simulated Speed  
45     59    
50     66    
55     72    
60     79    
65     85    
70     92    
75     99    

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