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What Soccer Machine Is Right For Me?

What Soccer Machine Is Right For Me?
Soccer Machines are a terrific tool for continuous shooting or crossing training where hitting the mark every time is needed. As a parent or coach, it is important to get young players repetitions but often difficult to produce the “end product” needed for them to get the most out of each and every practice. Soccer machines can replicate realistic crosses, passing and shots with curve, speed and pinpoint accuracy.

With machines like our JUGS, First Pitch, Sports Attack and Sports Tutor Soccer machines; a realistic curve and bend of the ball can be consistently delivered and easily controlled to replicate the technique of both a left or right-footed player. Soccer balls can be thrown with arc and the desired amount of spin as well as in the air or on the ground. It is important for soccer machines to be able to produce not only a variety of different shots or passes but the same shots or passes time and time again.

Soccer machines are also ideal for goalkeeper training, producing a variety of different shots and repetitions so keepers can practice saves from every angle. Set the machine in the corner to produce keeper training on crosses or at the penalty spot to work on saves. 

 When buying a soccer machine is important to consider a number of different factors including speeds of the machine, warranty, mobility and any features unique to your needs. 

At Unique Sports we offer a variety of Soccer Machines to fit all skill levels. 

JUGS Soccer Machine

  • Produces kicks up to 80 yards
  • Duplicate any type of shot or pass.
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Suitable for ages: Youth-Adult
  • Speed: 20-90 mph

First Pitch Playmaker Soccer Ball Machine

  • Produces kicks up to 80 Yards
  • Curve Kicks & simulates Shots and Passes
  • Rolls on Two Tires
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Speed: Up to 100 mph

Sports Attack Strike Attack

  • Produces kicks up to 75 Yards
  • Spin, height and direction can be locked for precise repetition 
  • Rear handle for mobility
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Speed: Up to 75 mph

Sports Tutor Gold Model 

  • Produces kicks up to 45 yards
  • Serves rolling, bouncing or high-arching shots.
  • Quick side-to side rotation – great for multiple-line and goalie drills.
  • Handle and large caster wheels for easy towing. 
  • Three Year Warranty

Sports Tutor Pro Trainer

  • Produces kicks up to 45 yards
  • Automatic Ball Feed
  • Serves rolling, bouncing or high-arching shots.
  • Extended elevation range – Shoots almost vertical for close-in ball control drills
  • Handle and large caster wheels for easy towing.
  • Three Year Warranty

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