Unique Perspective: Sports Attack Hack Attack Pitching Machine

Unique Perspective: Sports Attack Hack Attack Pitching Machine

At Unique Sports we pride ourselves on taking the opportunity to use as many of the products we sell as possible. Over the last six years I have been lucky enough to train with the Sports Attack Hack Attack Pitching Machine.

As a collegiate athlete, I’ve had hands on experience with several different pitching machines and have always remained impressed with the Hack Attack Baseball Machine. Our team has used this machine on a daily basis over the years for 2+ hours each practice and have never experienced any problems with it. The machine features a heavy-duty quality construction yet remains portable making it the perfect machine for any practice. The two travel wheels make it so the machine can be moved on and off the field in seconds. All you have to do is tip the machine over and wheel it off.

The 3-wheel design allows the machine replicate the spin of a pitch in game situations. In addition to the spin and different types of pitches the 3 wheels produce, the machine also throws well over 100 MPH! The power in combination with precision and variety of pitches such as curveballs, sliders, changeups, split fingers, and knuckle balls makes this the ideal pitching machine.

During practice the Hack Attack truly becomes our #1 tool. We use the machine to throw batting practice, then we use it for bunting drills and follow that up by using the adjustable height to throw pop ups at various angles to our outfielders. This machine can be used in so many more ways than just throwing batting practice.

During Batting practice our coach will have a scouting report on the pitcher we will be seeing in our next game and we use videos of the pitchers to adjust the machine to throw the same velocity as well as identical curveballs, and changeups. This gives our team a huge advantage because it provides a sneak peak of the pitcher we are going to see later in the week.

We are proud to offer quality products such as The Sports Attack Hack Attack Pitching Machine here at Unique-Sports with our always free standard shipping!

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