Unique Perspective: Baseball & Softball Batting Cages
Baseball & Softball

Unique Perspective: Baseball & Softball Batting Cages

At Unique Sports we are proud to offer commercial batting cage systems from top manufacturers like JUGS Sports and ProCage. We offers several sizes of baseball batting cages for both indoor and outdoor use. Over forty years of experience have gone into making our baseball batting cages options economic, attractive, and easy to install. With baseball batting cage and backyard batting cage packages consisting of galvanized steel pipes, custom-made fittings, and custom-sized netting, we have a batting cage to fit even the most Unique needs.

We have options available for Batting Cage Net Only, Batting Cage Net and Frame Kit for poles to be purchased locally to save on shipping and Complete Batting Cage Systems.

We have many different options available for setup ranging between commercial in-ground cages to stand-alone batting cage and hanging installation kits. With so many different options, our batting cages are designed to fit the average sized backyard for any baseball loving family or indoor gymnasium for schools and facilities.

When you order a baseball or softball batting cage from Unique Sports you will receive support and customer service from purchase to installation. Baseball player's of any age or skill will benefit from being able to practice any time they want in their own batting cage.

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